I am mainly interested in the following topics:
  • distributed systems,
    • service-oriented systems,
    • service discovery systems,
    • maintenance of service-oriented systems.
I am particularly interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining techniques to ease the development of service-oriented systems. My Phd Thesis can be downloaded from here .
I am a member of the ISISTAN group whose activities are concerned with the design and implementation of advanced tools and programming models within the EasySOC project

You can find my list of publications here

You can find some software prototypes and experimental data-sets here.

Fellowship Grants

Doctoral fellowship grant awarded by the National Conuncil of Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET).


Currently, I am member of the following projects:
  • Automatic composition of Semantic Web Services. PICT-2011-0080. (May 2012 - May 2015)
  • Visoft-Sur: Visualización de software para la asistencia de los Ingenieros de Software en el Proceso De Desarrollo. 
  • Mobile Semantic Web Services. PAE-PICT-07-2311. (Apr 2009 - Apr 2012) 
  • Methods and tools for massively distributed systems. PAE-PICT-07-2312. (Aug 2009 - Apr 2012)
  • Asistencia inteligente a usuarios en aplicaciones de escritorio, web y móviles. 03/C237. (Jan 2012 - Dec 2014)

Past Projects

  • Intelligent methods and adaptive personalized assistance to users. 03/C197. (Jan 2009 - Dec 2011)
  • Personalized assistance in architecture-driven software design. 03/C160. (Jan 2006 - Dec 2008)
  • Mobile Interface Agents to Support Educational Processes in the Web/Red ProTIC. PICT-PAV-03-127. (Apr 2005 - Jun 2008)

Knowledge Transference Activities

Web Services Reengineering - Second Phase

Participants: ISISTAN (UNICEN) and an Argentinean government agency
Description: The project involved an initiative to modernize the central system of the biggest Argentinean government agency, a data-centric mainframe system comprising several subsystems that maintain around 0.8 Petabytes of data records related to individuals including complete personal information, relationships, work background, and received benefits. We were assigned the objective of migrating 32 top priority transactions using a re-engineering strategy. Such strategy involves re-thinking, redesigning, and re-implementing the legacy transactions to transform them into a well-shaped, service-oriented system.
From: Dec 2009
To: Dec 2010

Workflows Pattern Discovery

Participants: ISISTAN (UNICEN) and ANALYTE S.R.L.
Description: The project goal was to supply a document management system with intelligent software agents that automatically infer document properties.
From: Oct 2004
To: Oct 2005
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